Tori Amos

Singer-songwriter and classically trained pianist Tori Amos comes to Infinity Hall for a stirring performance of compositions that span the breadth of her career. Backed by a lush string octet, Amos holds court at the grand piano and keyboards – sometimes playing both simultaneously — while delighting fans who came from across the country to see this rare concert performance, her only live date in 2012.

Amos, whose career took off in 1992 with her debut solo album Little Earthquakes, has built a career of intense, introspective musical poetry. As the daughter of a Methodist minister, she began singing in the church choir at age four and quickly showed a command for the piano and songwriting. While often compared to the mystical Kate ToriAmos_67Bush and the confessional Joni Mitchell throughout her career, Amos has nevertheless forged her own path in the music industry creating a powerful canon of critically acclaimed albums that explore identity, religion, sexual awakening, rape and more.

At Infinity Hall, Amos performs “Leather and “Winter” from Little Earthquakes, takes a passionate turn at “Taxi Ride,” from Scarlett’s Walk, and offers an emotional testament to her 12-year-old daughter with “Ribbons Undone,” from her eighth studio album, The Beekeeper.

Song List:

  • “Leather”
  • “Cloud on My Tongue”
  • “Snow Cherries from France”
  • “Smokey Joe”
  • “Taxi Ride”
  • “Ribbons Undone”
  • “Jackie’s Strength”
  • “Flavor”
  • “Hey Jupiter”
  • “Winter”

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