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Moving Coil and RIAA Transformers

Moving Coil Input Transformer. LL9226. LL9226 is an MC transformer based on and pin compatible with our classic LL9206, but with reduced copper resistance and level capability. The new design has resulted in an even better frequency response but still with enough no. Many famous brands use Tango, Tamura, Hashimoto or Lundahl transformers on their amplifiers and not without good reason. If you want to make the best amplifier possible, these. MC-220A Supermally MC-step up transformer. transformer consists of two coils, each with one primary and one secondary winding separated by an electrostatic shield, and a high permeability mu-metal core. The high impedance windings are wound using a special low capacitance winding technique. The transformer is encapsulated in a mu-metal case for magnetic shielding.

Audio Transformer/Moving Coil Input Transformer LL9206 LL9206 is an input audio transformer for moving coil pickups. The transformer is built up from two coils, each. MC pickup applications, please note that the primary side of the transformer must have a ground reference. LL1678 is an input audio transformer for moving coil pickups. The transformer is built up from two coils, each coil with one secondary winding surrounded by two primary windings. This structure results in an excellent frequency response. All winding ends are available on the pins. Thus, the transformer can be used with a set of. LL1941Ag is a silver wire version of our high turn’s ratio, high performance moving coil step-up transformer LL1941. The LL1941Ag combines our unique uncut amorphous cobalt core and our dual coil structure with high purity 99.99% silver wire in an oversized design. The objective is to provide the best possible MC transformer, cost-no History. In 2008, Lundahl Transformers celebrated its 50th anniversary. It was founded in the basement of the Lundahl family home by Lars and Gunnel Lundahl shortly after Lars came to the conclusion that most commercially available transformers were really not up to the task that they were designed for. High-End MC-Transformer Phono cartridge with gold plated and special designed circuit for best audio performance and great feautures Switcha. Classi 1941 MC Moving Coil Lundahl High-End Phono Transformer Set. Item number:. Dual Mono design with finest Lundahl transformers.

02/04/2013 · Best MC step up transformer. I am trying to find the MC transformer for my system. I'm using a pair of silver Lundahl 1931AGs fronting a Sonus Veritas beta Venice. Transparency is not an issue. Neither are dynamics micro and macro, transient response, harmonic development or. Lundahl Transformers Pricelist August 2018 PCB type transformers, mostly used in pro audio applications Transformer type Price in Euro Price in Euro exc. VAT incl. 21% VAT LL1517 56,26 68,07. MC-box 47,32 57,26 MC_PCB 22,40 27,10 LL1620. The LL1941 transformer combines the unique uncut amorphous cobalt core and the dual coil structure with Cardas high purity copper wire Lundahl-Technique in an oversized design. The objective is to provide the best possible MC transformer, cost-no-object, for low output MC cartridges. Lundahl LL1931 moving coil stepup transformer Description: Surfing the web I discovered that Ortofon had designed a new Moving Coil stepup transformer Verto and that the stepup transformers was delivered by Lundahl, which we have had very good experience with from our 6C33 amplifier.

  1. About Quality of MC transformers. With the MC transformer, we have a voltage amplifying device, which adds practically no noise and no hum. The very curious way, Lundahl transformers are wound, is not directly visible to the user, but this gives probably the best hum rejection there is.
  2. Lundahl has developed a new moving coil step-up transformer that meets a need present in both the tube and solid state phono preamp worlds. That need is created when the phono preamp has more gain than is necessary for the usual MM cartridge levels 5mV, but not enough gain to interface well with an MC cartridge that has an output level of 0.
  3. So just take the Lundahl MC transformers, these offer you two or three step up ratios. Choose the one that sounds best! Do you want to hear the same story for interstage transformers? Probably not. but you wouldn't be the first who bought a "fixed ratio" interstage transformer with the wrong ratio.
  4. Before you can even start using the Lundahl MC transformer, you have to determine the value of the load resistors you need to put into the PCB. If you use the 24dB gain setting this means the transformer is multiplying the voltage 16x, which means the impedance ratio would be 256 16 squared.

The MCL uses transformers supplied by Lundahl of Sweden and is a superb step-up transformer designed specifically for modern low output moving coil cartridges and optimised for use into moving magnet phonostage inputs. [mc step-up transformers explained] [mc step-up transformer]. > Lundahl transformers > Lundahl Moving coil input > Lundahl Moving coil input transformer, LL9206. View larger. Lundahl Moving coil input transformer, LL9206. Model LL9206. When the LL9206 is used in MC pickup applications, please note that the primary side of the transformer must have a ground reference. Reviews. No customer reviews for.

VinylSavorLundahl Silver MC Transformer.

Lundahl Transformers is a world leading manufacturer of high performance transformers for audio applications. The company is located in the small town Norrtälje, just outside Stockholm, Sweden. A significant difference between Lundahl Transformers and other transformer manufacturing companies is that in addition to controlling the entire manufa. 15/12/2019 · It is a very pity that the OEM Lundahls used in the Monbrison aren’t yet available to the public, mind that the normal Lundahl MC transformers like the LL9206 are very affordable, but not that phantastic. The Sounds of the LeBong. The LeBong is a very direct, powerful playing device.

K&K Audio Lundahl MC step-up transformer kit One of the ways to start a discussion among vinylphiles is to debate the merits of step-up transformers vs. pre-preamps or ultra-low noise, high gain preamps for use with low output moving coil cartridges. LL9226 is an MC transformer based on and pin compatible with our classic LL9206, but with reduced copper resistance and level capability. The LL1676 is a large, high level, high performance audio transformer built with the well know Lundahl amorphous core. Matched Pair Lundahl 9206 MC transformers. Gain of 10 or 20db. This auction is for One Set custom built MC Cartridge Step-up Transformer, it employs 2 mc transformers Lundahl 9206. The transformers is closely match and super sonic. These Transformers are professional units, broadcast and studio recording quality. It tells you the basics of how to design your own MC Transformer, and it has also an Excel program for some calculations. Attention! The below is a PICTURE only. When you order the MC transformer cookbook, it is on the CD as well. This Excel program is in German and in English, the MC.

This step-up transformer uses the same high quality cores as used in the MCL, again supplied by Lundahl of Sweden, but features a lower turns ratio than the MCL to. During the high end fair in Munich this year I met Per Lundahl and we discussed silver wound transformers. Apparently there is quite some demand and I also encouraged him to go for silver. The MC step up transformers are the first ones to be available as silver editions.

Microphone, Line Input and Output, Split or General purpose transformers. Find the right transformer for your project: Sowter, Lundahl Transformers, Edcor T. Lundahl LL1931 Moving-Coil Step-Up Transformer For example, our review sample was supplied with a pair of Lundahl LL1931 transformers one for each channel. These use Lundahl’s uncut amorphous cobalt core and dual-coil structure and the coils are wound with high-purity copper wire made by Cardas. According to Lundahl, the dual-coil.

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