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Cockatiels are approximately twice as large as budgies, so naturally the former require larger cages. Whether it’s a cockatiel or a budgie, his cage should be large enough to allow a bird to spread the wings freely. A cockatiel cage must measure at least 24 inches in height, width and depth, but, of. While the Budgie is extremely playful and will sit on your finger, it does not like to be touched. The Cockatiel on the other hand is low in energy; it is overall a much calmer bird and likes to be touched on the neck and behind its ears. The only time a Cockatiel. 18/05/2011 · My cockatiel nijel And Budgie greg a few hours after i introduced them:.

Q: Can I keep my budgie and my cockatiel in the same cage? -Andrew F., Carlsbad, NM A: This is a question we get frequently. Many people have birds of two different species that get along well and become very attached to one another. When they are out together in their play area, they always share the same perch and snacks, and they always. Great idea! How exceiting to be able to watch birds build their nest and hatch their babies right from my own window. Love the simple yet sturdy construction. The natural wood can. 28/03/2011 · I am seriously thinking of getting a cockatiel but I have never had one before and need a lot of advice. I have five budgies at the moment. Do cockatiels and budgies generally get on? I hear cockatiels can be jealous, could it attack my budgies or does this not usually happen. Also the cockatiel I have in mind has never been in a cage. Oswald the Cockatiel and Daisy the Budgie. 556 likes. Hi! I’m Sera and this is a page devoted to my lovely feathered babies Oswald, and Daisy. This page. 27/06/2010 · Hey there, I'm Amy, I just registered! and I live in a sunny part of New Zealand. I would love to get a bird. However, I am having issues deciding between budgie or cockatiel. I would love a highly interactive bird that can sit and play with me. However, I will have a full time job soon from about 9-5. I'd be able to play with it a bit.

16/04/2012 · I know this isn't what you're asking, but make sure the cockatiel is fully weaned when you get him. Tiels don't wean for 8-10 weeks typically. Some take longer. Sometimes breeders try to sell the babies too soon. And also, it's common for newly weaned tiels to regress under the stress of a new home and need handfeedings. 04/07/2011 · can a budgie and cockatiel mate? i have female budgie and a male cockatiel inside the same cage. Its been over 6 months since they have been together. there used to b 3 budgie pairs total 6 budgies in the cage but i sold 5 of the budgies. i wasn't able to sell the 6th one. i used to keep my cockatiel inside a small cage all alone. I am assuming that by parakeet, you are referring to small Australian budgerigars budgies, the most common type of parakeet, pictured below. If not, please correct me, because other types of parakeets have very different personalities than budgi.

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